Superstitions seem to be the norm in the world of sports. We’ve all likely seen a team grow out their facial hair until they lost or a pitcher that won’t step on the first-base chalk line as he walks in and out of the dugout. While there are plenty of those more normal, established superstitions that are common among […]


The biggest athletes in sports history are those that have that unique combination of extraordinary height and weight. Taking those two factors into consideration, we’ve created a list that isn’t exclusive to the tall or the heavy alone. This list of 21 spans the biggest individuals in several different sports including tennis, baseball, football, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, and basketball. […]


There is no doubt that professional soccer players are fit and trim. Yet some of the women who play in the National Women’s Soccer league (NWSL) are also quite elegant. A good number of these “footballers” have a delicate aesthetic while others are just plain gorgeous. However, every woman on this list, is a top notch […]


When it comes to tailgating, American sports fans really step up to the plate. We do it better than anyone else on the globe, especially when it comes to football tailgates. From monolithic tailgate mobiles to full-fledged kitchens on wheels, our pre-game festivities have just about everything one could imagine. Let’s take a look at […]


When it comes to Olympic competition, most people assume the United States dominates. The truth is that some of the most decorated Olympic athletes hail from an array of countries outside of the good ‘ole US of A. Some of them represent fairly small countries that usually take a back seat to Americans in the […]


When it comes to assigning the title of “worst sports city in America”, there is plenty of competition. In the context of professional sports, the rich just keep on getting richer and the poor poorer. Yet failing to win a sports championship in decades does not automatically qualify a city as one of the worst […]


When you think of Mumbai, India, the last thing that probably comes to your mind is “golf.” After all, between the equipment, greens fees and attire, golf is very much a gentleman’s game – and a wealthy gentleman’s game at that. Conversely, in India, an estimated 828 million people live on less than $2 a […]


Sports has a tendency to bring out both the best and worst in fans. Hockey is no exception. Yes, hockey fans will go to great lengths – for better or for worse – to support their favorite team. Case in point – the “Green Men,” the dynamic duo known as Force and Sully, who can […]


There are the mascots, the traditions, the raucous students, the tailgating, the rivalries – and watching it all unfold on a beautiful fall Saturday. There are a lot of reasons why sports fans enjoy college football, but fans forget that the vast majority of the gridiron heroes that they’re watching every weekend don’t go on […]


Earning the top pick in the NBA Draft doesn’t always guarantee a team will wind up with a superstar. For every LeBron James or Magic Johnson, there are plenty of players in NBA history who never lived up to their lofty top pick status. They remain cautionary tales for NBA general managers to not place […]