20 of the Coolest Tailgate Mobiles in Sports


When it comes to tailgating, American sports fans really step up to the plate. We do it better than anyone else on the globe, especially when it comes to football tailgates. From monolithic tailgate mobiles to full-fledged kitchens on wheels, our pre-game festivities have just about everything one could imagine. Let’s take a look at the biggest, wackiest and coolest tailgate mobiles on the American sports scene.

Craziest Tailgating Mods Ever
credit: autotrader.ca

20. The Georgia Tech Engine No. 2 Fire Truck

Who would have thought to tailgate on an old fire truck? Georgia tech fans, that’s who! Though some football fans have revamped ambulances to create unique tailgate mobiles, not many have gone as far as renovating an old fire truck. This lengthy makeshift tailgate mobile is fully decked out in Yellow Jacket colors. The middle section conveniently opens for easy access to cool beverages. There’s even a second deck where Yellow Jacket tailgaters sit on stadium-style bench seating to scarf down hot eats and cool treats.