Hockey’s Green Men: How Two Guys Became the NHL’s Most Feared Fans


Sports has a tendency to bring out both the best and worst in fans. Hockey is no exception. Yes, hockey fans will go to great lengths – for better or for worse – to support their favorite team. Case in point – the “Green Men,” the dynamic duo known as Force and Sully, who can regularly be spotted next to the visiting team’s penalty box in all of their green, revealing spandex glory.


The Green Men are known for their wacky antics, such as handstands against the glass, taunting of the opposition after they take a penalty and using props to entertain fellow Canucks fans and annoy the opposition. They made their debut on December 22, 2009 somewhat by fluke, when they received two complimentary first-row tickets courtesy of the roofing company that Sully works for. After being noticed, and both loathed and lauded, their two rink-side seats became a staple, notably during the 2010 and 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Here’s a look at a timeline of some of the wacky Green Men antics since their December 2009 debut:

  • In a 2010 playoff series against Chicago, they were spotted butt flossing a Blackhawks jersey.
  • In 2011, in another series against the Blackhawks, the Green Men brought a cardboard cut out of Chicago superfan Vince Vaughn wearing a Canucks jersey to games.
  • Another incident in 2011 in a game against Nashville, they held up a cutout of then-Canucks forward Ryan Kesler’s nude ESPN “The Body” shoot when Shea Weber entered the penalty box.
  • They’ve been spotted doing handstands and regularly twerking the glass upon an opponent’s entry to the penalty box. In 2011, the NHL ruined some of this fun when it asked the duo to refrain from touching the glass, doing handstands and engaging players verbally.
  • Other actions: In another game against Nashville, the Green Men taunted Predators forward Mike Fisher by holding up a cutout of his wife, country star Carrie Underwood, in a Canucks jersey. They’ve also thrown frozen waffles into the air during a game against Toronto, paying respect to Maple Leafs fans who, at the time, had thrown waffles onto the ice at the Air Canada Centre.

No matter whether you love or hate the Green Men, you’ve got to give them props on their creativity. And if you hate them, then there’s good news for you – Sully and Force have stated that they’re retiring at the end of the 2014-15 season. They were inducted into the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame in 2012.